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Happy mush elevated chocolate bars come in 15 squares. Our chocolate bars are sweet and crunchy, this masks the bitter taste that long time psychedelic users have complained about. The trip got from consuming this shroom candy bar is long lasting and usually takes about 3hours.

Happy mush elevated reviews

It is always recommended that newbies have a partner when trying this mushroom chocolate bars for the very first time. Also, it is wiser to practice micro dosing when using our chocolate bars. Beginners should start with one piece and wait at least 30 minutes before taking more.

The benefits of happy mush chocolate bar is associated with;

Stress and anxiety relief
Increased brain activity
Creativity and
Also effective for treating depression, post- traumatic stress disorders and addiction.
Happy mush elevated chocolate bars come in a wide array of choices , flavors, ingredients and doses.  We have a wide array of several different shroom chocolates to chose from some of which include

  • 2 FLAVORS 
  • Happy Mush Elevated Chocolate

Elevated Chocolate bars deliver a sweet balance of chocolate and amanita muscaria.

  • Total Mushroom Content: 4000mg
  • Total Chocolate Content: 55 grams
  • Psychedelic Experience
Legal and Trippy


  • TOTAL OF 4500MG 


Furthermore, Amanita muscaria is a mushroom of the agaricales order that appears in very broad habitats of the temperate and boreal zones of the Northern Hemisphere. It grows both in low altitudes and high mountainous areas, especially in coniferous forests such as fir and black pine, as well as in beech and birch forests. It usually appears during the end of summer months and is especially prevalent in autumn.

Effects may include:

A first phase in which there is stimulation, increased energy, and muscular vigor.
A second phase in which there is tranquility and a calming sensation.
A third phase in which the psychedelic effects appear and there may be experiences of a mystical nature, awareness of non-ordinary realities, blissful or trippy sensations.

7 reviews for Happy Mush Elevated Chocolate

  1. Gray

    After traveling to california I’ve been non stop craving this chocolate and it was just as good as I remembered. I was also super happy with their packaging. Its summertime so I was a bit worried it would be slightly melted, but they put ice packs around it and stuff to keep it insulated. I was very impressed and will be buy more in the future.

  2. Gray mills

    This is wonderful chocolate, it arrived in good condition despite the heat of summer in the FL, & it was worth the wait!

  3. Frizt

    I am a huge fan of this chocolate. Especially the milk chocolate bar. I was so hesitant to order it but not regretting doing that. The taste is super delicious as I remember. I used to buy from Europe on my way back to USA. This is my first purchase from here. I highly recommend buying and tasting this fine mushroom chocolate if have never done so.

  4. Trac Morgan

    I lived in Belgium oh so many years ago and found mr mushies mushroom chocolate bass to be wonderful. This chocolate not so much. The shipping was quick and efforts were made to keep the chocolate cool but I won’t be eating more than 2 squares

  5. Bertrand

    Nice large box of name brand trippy flip mushroom chocolate . This would work well sitting next to any coffee station at home, the office or church.

  6. Melcus zyn

    This is my favorite mushroom chocolate!

    I was on my Southwest flight to my sisters for Thanksgiving and while I typically ask for a soda, I wanted something warm and thought I’d try this chocolate. It was so good, I had to ask what mix was used. This is it!

    I’m so glad I asked and then found it online (oddly enough my local smoke stores didn’t have it). When I had friends over for Christmas, we went through the whole box so everyone agreed!
    I will purchase again for the holidays!

  7. Owen Small

    The quality is awesome , very rich tasting shroom chocolate. Normally they delivers my boxes under my porch roof as I requested. But this time the driver left it close to my steps. So when I arrived home later that night the snow storm soaked the box. So it’s a cardboard box in a packing box. Wanted is not what you want on chocolate powder mix. The outer box was soaked but the inner box will dry out thank goodness . It serves as the dispenser for the 50 packs of chocolate, and it’s good if it’s not all saggy and falling apart … just saying :1

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